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Boat Transports

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Maritime Alumni Captains is dedicated to bringing only the best and most skilled mariners to our clients. Our service and professionalism are unmatched in our line of work. 

All of our Captains and Deckhands have gone through 

four-year Maritime school where they learn proper Navigation, Rules of the Road and Maritime Safety as well as holding a minimum USCG Master 100 Ton license. You can trust when you do business with MAC, you are only getting the absolute best at what they do. 

Our captains are licensed, insured, drug tested and ready to work for you!



All Our Captains Have The Following Certifications Currently Up to Date:

-STCW Basic & Advanced Fire Fighting -Shipboard Helicopter Fire Fighting-HAZMAT

 -CPR AED & First Aid-GMDSS radio communications-Fast Rescue Boat-RADAR Observer with ARPA

 -VSO (Vessel Security Officer)-Flashing Lights (Morse Code) 

 -VPDSD (Vessel Personnel Designated with Security Duties) -Fall Protection Authorized Person

 -Ordnance Hazard Awareness-Level 1 Antiterrorism -Shipboard Damage Control 

 -High Voltage Electrical Awareness

-Smalls Arms Certifications and Qualifications -Ship’s Reaction Force 

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