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Maritime Alumni Captains offer a variety of services to a variety of clientele. Whether a company is looking to charter a Captain for their yacht and clients, or a family is looking to have their boat transported to their favorite vacation spot, Maritime Alumni Captains have you covered. 



MAC specializes in transporting personal, commercial, and company owned vessels to anywhere they need to go. With experience up and down the East Coast, our Captains and Crew are trained professionals who will complete the transport with the upmost satisfaction.


Charter Captains

MAC offers a variety of chartering Captains for our clients, whether it be for a single night with friends and family or purchasing packages that can include up to 10 charter days of your choice.


Full Time Captains

This is for those looking to lock down a Captain for an entire summer. This includes a private Captain for any of your boating needs.

Boat Management/Charter Servives

Let the professionals at Maritime Alumni Captains help you manage your budgeting, fuel expenses, etc. With years of experience managing the fuel efficiency and budgets of ships worldwide, we can help you manage your private vessel.

And for those interested in chartering their vessel, we can take care of putting you in touch with potential customers for your vessel, crewing the vessel, and completely managing your vessel so you don't have to! 

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